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Player name:Aero
Character name:Raniiya Arian
Source canon:Endless Duology
Community tag:Raniiya_Arian
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Background: Raniiya, all things considered, has lived a normal if somewhat depressing life. At least one that could be considered normal with all the strange occurrences that has happened in recent times. As an only child, a lot of her early childhood was spent in loneliness. Thanks to her parents tendency to want to avoid trouble, they were constantly on the move. At the first sign of something going wrong they would transfer to another city. Raniiya was forced to move from one home to another, never staying in one place for too long. She never really found a place to truly call home. To make matters worse, she developed a rather significant fear of being abandoned herself and did not find it easy to make friends after having to leave any that she did make.

Her relationship with her parents was no better. Thanks to their busy lifestyles they were rarely ever at home and Raniiya always felt that they were disappointed that she was not born a male. She had learned from family friends that her parents were expecting and hoping for a son. While they never said anything - this thought was always in the back of her head as she ate alone in some new house. No matter where they moved the situation stayed the same.

These feelings would grow worse as one day she suddenly developed a sort of sixth sense about how people felt about her at a young age that only became stronger as she grew up. Her desire to be accepted by her parents would eventually lead her to do a lot of things that weren't exactly considered to be very feminine.

Surprisingly, her new outlook on life actually helped her with her social life. It helped that she kept herself busy trying to be a good Samaritan to whoever she could. She gained a fair amount of admirers wherever she moved to thanks in large part to her looks and new found activeness. However, she never felt any real connections to her would be friends. She knew that they only wanted to befriend her for completely shallow reasons and knowing that she kept them further away from her. Ironically the ability to understand human emotions and read them easily made it harder for her to meet anyone she could honestly consider a friend.

Despite all of this she still could not gain the appreciation that she truly wanted. From friends or family. This tore at her, more than she cared to show. While they continued to exchange formalities with her she knew that continuing to do what she was doing wouldn't lead her to what she wanted. She had to do something more, something that would allow her to make an impact and change her life for the better. And soon enough an opportunity to achieve this presented itself to her...

Original canon background: Here
Personality: At a first glance Raniiya gives off the impression of a very quiet, introverted young woman and that is not too far from the truth. She is a very soft person at heart and can easily get along with most people easily. To most people she'll at least have the common courtesy to put on a kind face and attempt some form of socializing. Despite that though she seems to almost keep everything at a distance, almost afraid to build any lasting relationships. It is this air that got her a reputation of being a young woman with extremely high standards who is simply too cool for everything. In practice, this aspect of her garnered her many admirers thanks to a combination of her looks and lady-like demeanor. One might think that someone in this position would be extremely happy with the amount of friends she had but in reality Rani herself knew that admiring someone or wanting them to work with you for your benefit is very different from true friendship. In truth Rani is very lonely and longs for a friend that she can truly and honestly trust. It's just that she has a very judgmental point of view thanks to her powers that she can irk some people the wrong way. She finds herself second guessing people and viewing every action towards her with a critical eye.

The reputation that she has extremely high standards has quite a bit of truth to it. Although this actually applies less to the people around her, she actually holds herself to extremely high standards. Perhaps too high even for herself, because of this she sees herself as a failure when she does not manage to at least reach this bar she sets for herself. Thanks to her upbringing she has a pretty significant inferiority complex, although it's something she tries to keep to herself.

While she may seem calm and almost apathetic at times, the fact is that she hates seeing bad things happen to other people. Her sense of justice almost seems immature but she hates seeing people get hurt. It's a trigger for her and doing something heinous or disgusting in her eyes is an easy way to set her off even further. She has a hairpin temper that once set off is hard to contain until she has worn herself out. As a pilot this has sometimes lead to disaster, sometimes to victory. Whether she realizes it or not she has become very accustomed to combat and does not seem to hesitate in the least should she have to kill someone, especially when she's in her berserker-like state. Her act first, think later approach to piloting has gotten her in quite a bit of trouble before but as stated before her sense of justice, black and white as it may be, does not allow her to just stand around talking or doing nothing when she could be saving lives.

Surprisingly, she has a large soft spot for almost anything cute, especially pets. Whether they be avian, feline, or canine, if they are adorable she becomes a rather large softie towards them.

Capabilities and Resources: Ranii is a Psychodriver and an exceptionally powerful one at that, however she is unable to use these abilities unless she is under a great deal of duress. For one reason or another she can only use these abilities lightly normally. Mostly sensing emotion or whether or not people are being truthful with what they say or just getting a simple sense of what's on other people's minds. Other than those obvious uses, physically Ranii is in exceptional shape for her age and has unknowingly also been using her Psychodriver abilities to further enhance her physical prowess. This allows her to fight  on a superhuman level, albeit only when she is either heavily stressed or extremely angry. She is capable of bending space around her with ease when pushed too far and this power is amplified even further when she is near any sort of T-Link System.
Position in Unity Group: Rookie Pilot

Unit Name:Gespenst Mk.II-M Type-TT
Unit Description:A regular mass-produced Gespenst that has been slightly customized. The controls have been replaced with simplified, almost video game like controls that mainly use set combat patterns and macros, a fresh white coat of paint and (unknown to Raniiya) a T-Link System meant to amplify psychic abilities. Other than a set of T-Link Rippers, the PT usually wields relatively standard PT weapons such as a mega beam rifle or a M95 Machine Gun that's been customized to have a bit more punch behind it.
Terrain compatibility:
Air: -
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground


Wingmen: Being Apped

Mission requirement: Yes, Mission 1
Suggested Event List:
Here it is
Sample post:
Here we go


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